explain the difference between an element and a compound. Give examples of each

aruv | Student

An element is  substance made of  from  atoms of same type . Where as compounds are formed when two or more element chemically react .

Elements: H, Na, K, Cl, Br, I, Fe , Au, Ag etc.

Compounds : `H_2O,CO_2,HCl,HBr,KI,KNO_3,H_2SO_4`

1. Element is fundamental substance 

Componds are not fundamental substances. 

2. Elements can not be created are formed .

Compound are formed .

3. Properties of the element are depends on atomic number

Propertis of the compond depends on bonds formed between the elements in formation of the compound.

4. Two different elements can form many different compounds by chemical reacting each other e.g `CO and CO_2` . Both compound formed when carbon react with oxygen. But properties of the both compounds are different.

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