Explain in depth employment equity's history and how it was affected/ changed by the Public Service Modernization Act (PSMA). 

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Hello! It looks like you are asking about Canada's Public Service Modernization Act (PSMA).  First, I would like to define employment equity.

Employment equity is the process by which federal entities or companies eliminate specific barriers in the hiring of designated groups. These designated groups usually consist of women, persons with disabilities, aboriginal/ native groups, and members of other minority groups such as those who are LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender), disabled and displaced military veterans, older workers, etc.

The Canadian PSMA resolves to remove all barriers to employment opportunities and to foster a climate of equity for these designated groups in federal jobs. It also aims to define accountability among managers and heads of departments, to ensure a more productive workplace environment, and to hire the best talent for individual positions.

How employment equity was affected by the PSMA.

1)The PSMA focused attention on important trends in global employment.

a)It focused on expanding the talent pool and promoting a more dynamic organizational culture through recruiting a diverse workforce.

b)It focused on expanding the representation of women in influential positions.

c)It focused on retaining the best employees by accounting for work-life balance concerns, fostering leadership training, and in many cases, offering continued education opportunities for employees.

d)The PSMA focused managers' attention on the need to account for global issues in regards to organizational structure, office culture, and international participation. The PSMA highlights how Canada's changing demographics necessitate the role of the federal government to account for religious, cultural, and linguistic diversity.

2)The PSMA highlighted the role of technology in decentralization in response to evolving public opinion of government.

The people of Canada are increasingly suspicious of their public servants. Rightly or wrongly, there has been a tendency to view the government and politicians as out of touch, entitled elitists, intent upon preserving their own interests at the expense of the people. The PSMA has focused attention on the need for the government to modernize its internal structure; the use of technology in achieving the trend towards openness and transparency will be a factor in attracting interest in public sector jobs.

Also, the loss of jobs in the private sector has lately led to more interest in public service opportunities. The PSMA's focus on diversity and opportunities for previously under-represented groups has attracted greater interest during the current economic downturn. The PSMA has been a catalyst in attracting new, fresh talent into government; this will simultaneously rejuvenate the talent pool in public service as well as promote employment equity in Canada.

3)The PSMA has transformed employment equity through HR (human resources) reform.

Central to the discussion on employment equity is the issue of employment advancement. Whether this is in the area of internal training, graduate education, or performance management, it is obvious that the availability of resources further increases advancement opportunities for under-represented groups. The PSMA's policies aim to facilitate the transfer of knowledge seamlessly, especially that between older and younger employees, reform antiquated compensation systems, reduce confusing hiring practices, and eliminate poor communication of federal employment opportunities.

In short, the PSMA has greatly affected employment equity. According to policy, no person will be denied 'employment opportunities or benefits for reasons unrelated to ability.' PSMA policy prohibits discrimination in regards to the hiring of disadvantaged groups. The PSMA also allows for the federal government to respect the collective bargaining process, which protects employment equity and employee satisfaction. PSMA policy ensures fair compensation to employees and attracts fresh, diverse talent into the public sector. In turn, this will reinvigorate the public sector and promote integrity in government hiring.

I hope this helps you make sense of a very interesting topic. References are listed below for your convenience. Thanks for the question!