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Some people, including some feminists, argue that all feminism is conflict feminism. But specifically, conflict theory in a feminist context can take a number of forms. The most basic is that women and men are inherently in conflict with each other. That is, genders are in and of themselves antagonistic in the sense that men, in patriarchal societies at least, have access to power. They protect this power through institutions that include the law, religion, and the family. Because they will not willingly concede power, conflict feminists argue, women have to seize it themselves. The key point is that no rapprochement or reconciliation is possible between the two, because they are by definition in opposition to each other. This theory has shades of Marxist analysis, because Marxian theorists argue that classes are mutually opposed to each other based on their relationship to the means of production. In fact, some Marxian feminists hold that gender is really superstructural, a function...

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