Explain the concept behind design for maintainability?Ergonomics Training programmes And Design for maintainability and assembly

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The concept of maintainability has implication that far exceed the ergonomic considerations. It refers to the need, while designing an equipment, to take into consideration the cost, time and effort required for servicing and maintaining the equipment over its entire working life. among others, it involves balancing of initial capital costs of the equipment with the cost of maintaining the equipment and its useful life.

This might result in making a cheap disposable product which is to be just discarded, after use or when it develops any defect. A product like this will involve no ergonomic consideration for maintainability of a product.

However when a product is required to be maintained and serviced, attention need to be paid to the ease of doing this. In particular attention need to be paid to accessibility of various parts of the equipment for inspection, adjustment, or replacements. Parts that need to be attended to in this fashion should be more easily accessible. Particular attention should be paid to consideration how the person attending to the maintenance of the equipment will gain access to the appropriate areas of the equipment. I some cases it might be necessary to use special tools to reach awkward position.

For larger equipments, fixed in a place, the layout should be designed that sufficient access is available to maintenance personnel on all sides of the equipment.

For very large equipments it is necessary to provide access to the maintenance personnel within the equipment. For this purpose suitable provisions such as manholes, adequately sized passages, and ladders for climbing up or down should be provided.