The Garden Party: And Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield

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Explain the characteristics of Laura in "The Garden Party."

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This excellent short story by Katherine Mansfield focuses on the thoughts and feelings of Laura Sheridan and the way that we see her develop during the action of the plot. Clearly, Mansfield presents Laura as an innocent and somewhat naive young lady who during the story is shown to find problematic the class consciousness of her family and her own understanding of social class. This is most clearly seen when Laura finds out about the death of Scott, and Laura is horrified and wants to call off the party:

"Jose!" she said, horrified, "however are we going to stop everything?"

As the story progresses, Mansfield skilfully reveals how...

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And also she feels that working with the men who came to put up the marches she feels that they people are really humble and far better than the guys who comes for the party and dannce. She thinks why she couldn't have workmen for her friends rather than silly boys she danced with and who came to Sunday supper as well it showes the immaturityness of Laura