Explain changing 5(2/3) to an improper function.

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To change 5 2/3 ( mixed number ) into an improper fraction here's what you have to do :

First multiply the whole number ( 5 ) with the denominator ( 3 ) . By doing this you will get 15 . Now add 15 with the numerator ( 2 ). By doing this you will get 17 .  17 will be the numerator of the improper fraction and 3 will still be the denominator

so your answer would then be 17/3

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A ratio of two whole numbers is called a fraction.

A fraction may also form a part of mixed number which is a combination of a fraction and a whole number. Thus a mixed number has three parts a whole number, numerator and a denominator.

A mixed number may be converted in to an equivalent fraction, that is a fraction that expresses the same value, with only numerator and denominator. In a fraction like this the value of numerator is more than the denominator, and is called an improper fraction.

The given fraction, that is 5(2/3) is a mixed number in which the whole number is 5 and fraction is 2/3

This can be converted in to an improper fraction in following steps.

5(2/3) = 5 + 2/3

= 5/1 + 2/3

= (5*3 + 2)/3

= (15 +2)/3

= 17/3


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For the beginning, we have to say that 5(2/3) is a mixed number.

First, we have to write the mixed number as a sum, like this:

5 + 2/3

Then we have to show that the denominator of 5 is 1.

5/1 + 2/3

In order to add the 2 ratios, they have to have the same denominator. For this reason, we'll multiply the ratio 5/1 by 3.

3*5/3*1 + 2/3 = 15/3 + 2/3

Now we'll add the numerators, kepping the same denominator.

15/3 + 2/3 = (15+2)/3 = 17/3

So, the mixed number 5(2/3) is equal to the improper fraction 17/3.

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5(2/3), 5 means that 3 divided into some number 5 times and whatever is left ontop of the three, which is 2 in this case, is the extra or leftover. so basically you multiply the denominator by the number on the side so 3*5 which is 15 then add the number on top, which is 2 and add 2 +15 giving you 17. 

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Like I said before an easy way would be to multiply the denominator by the whole number and then add the numerator. 3 x 5=15. +2 the answer would be `17/3`

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Let's look at the mixed fraction 5 and 2/3.

This number represents 5 whole items, and some other parts.  We can use straws to help us see what this really means.  You will need 6 straws to complete this example.  If you don't have straw to use, you can just draw them on a piece of paper.

What is it called when we divide anything into 3 equal parts? (thirds)

Cut each of the 5 straws into 3 equal parts. How many straw parts do we have?  (15).

Lay the straws out so that they resemble the way they looked before you cut them.  How many whole straws are there? (5)

Take another straw and cut it into 3 equal parts.

If we add 2 of the 3 parts to the 15 straw parts that look like the original 5 straws, how many straw parts would we have in all? (17).

Each straw part represents what part of the whole straw? (1/3)

So we can say that there are 17 straw pieces that each represent 1/3 of a straw.

We write the improper fraction like this: 17/3.

So 17/3 is the improper fraction that equals 5 (2/3).




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To change into improper pfraction:5(2/3)

An integer +a proper fraction form.

So 5+2/3 = 5/1 +2/3  Make the denominators equal.

= 5*3/(1*3) + 2/3

=15/3 + 2/3 = 17/3 is an improper fraction equivalent 50 5+2/3 or 5 and 2/3