Explain Celie's resilience in "The Color Purple"?Details

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Celie's ability to see life as it is and accept it eventually helps her to visualize life as it can be and then reach for it. Celie had to learn resilience from the time she was a child or she would not have survived. When she was a young girl, her stepfather raped her continuously and this lead to the birth of two children. Her children were given up for adoption and the damage that occurred during their births left her unable to have any more children. Then she was married of to Mr. who only wants her for her housecleaning abilities and for occasional sex. He make is clear that he loves another woman. Celie simply learns to distance herself from all emotional attachments except to her sister. When her sister is forced to leave, she is able to distance herself from that. Her religious beliefs may also have given her strength ( the book is written as a series of letters to God) and when Shug comes along, she is amazed that such a woman would be interested in her. Thus, she allows herself to be taught by Shug and to stand up for herself and that kind of resilience is eventually rewarded.

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