Explain Bob Marley’s importance to Jamaican culture and reggae music.

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Born Robert Nesta Marley, the famous Bob Marley influenced music worldwide in the 1960s and 70s and is still celebrated as one of the best musicians of all time. Born in Jamaica, Marley is best known for his contributions to reggae. His music has deep themes of love, peace, and equality for all races and classes; these ideas made Marley widely appreciated by a diverse fan base.

When Marley was born in Jamaica, the island had existed under slavery and colonialism for more than 200 years. Because Marley was biracial, having both a white and a black parent, he became a visual (and successful) vision of both Jamaica's progress and hope. In many ways, Marley's success became symbolic of Jamaica itself, and the island the the legend of Marley are entwined throughout the world.

Marley was also a believer in Rastafari:

Rastafari is a phenomenon that began in the 1930s in response to a message given by Jamaican nationalist Marcus Garvey , who proclaimed that African people in the diaspora should look...

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