Explain best practice reccomendations for changing sterile gauze and a transparent dressing.Procedure and rationalethis is related to intravenous medications

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dano7744 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

You mentioned that this question is in regards to intravenous medications. Can I assume that you are talking about the dsg. that is on top of a IV site? If this is the case and you need to change the dsg. over the IV then yes, you would apply a sterile dsg. with perhaps a tegaderm. However, this procedure is not per say a sterile procedure because you do not have to don sterile gloves eventhough you are applying a "sterile" dsg. Sterile in in quotation marks because if you are truly applying a sterile dsg. say on a wound, then you would wear sterile gloves to apply the sterile dsg., after you wash your hands of course. IV sites are not considered sterile, they are considered clean. However, if you are talking about a CVL(central venous line), then that procedure to change the dsg. over a central line IS a sterile procedure and you would need to don a mask and sterile gloves to apply a new sterile dsg. Taking the old dsg. off is NOT a sterile procedure so you could use non sterile gloves.

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