Explain the basic duties of Mass Media as a Social Institution and discuss Mass Media of Pakistan.

abdulmalik | Student

among the basic duties of mass media are:providinng infomation on health matters.It serves as a venue or venture self expression.it serves as a medium of sharing information to the people within and outside the coutry.it served as an agent of socialisation examples

gopikrishna | Student

A social institution is an organization that is critical to the socialization process;it provides a support system for individuals as they struggle to becomemembers of a larger social network.

Providing access to groups, people. Society can be highly stratified andclosed, as people who move to a new city can testify. One way to overcome thisisolation is to join a church group, club, or enroll in a college class.

Unifying diverse groups of people. Social institutions provide a shared experiencefor people who would otherwise not interact with one another.

Establishing a sense of order. Amid the chaos of life, human beings share adesire for stability. In that regard, social institutions provide an essential sense oforder in people’s lives.

Helping people contend with change. Every social institution maintains itsown rituals designed to help individuals adjust to the inevitable changes in theirlives. These rights of passage formally acknowledge the transition from onestage of life to another

Establishing rules of behavior. Every social institution maintains its ownrules of behavior for its members.

Providing a sense of direction/purpose. Social institutions furnish individualswith a path that they can follow to achieve success and fulfillment

Furnishing role models. Every institution has its own set of role models—individuals who epitomize the values of the social institution.

Educating. Social institutions educate their members—either about theparameters of the social institution itself or about the larger world, interpretedthrough the ideology of the social institution.

Presenting information on past, present, and future. Social institutions furnishinformation about the past, present, and future.And family trees trace the lineage of individuals, supplyingvaluable information about an individual’s personal history.

Offering a safe haven to exchange ideas (within limits). Social institutionsfurnish an arena in which to discuss ideas—particularly principles of the socialinstitution.