Explain Atticus Finch's reputation as a father, brother, lawyer, and as a neighbor in To Kill a Mockingbird.

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Atticus is considered exemplary in nearly every respect. He is obviously the finest lawyer in the town, a fact that Judge Taylor already recognized when he handpicked him to represent Tom Robinson. As a neighbor, he is liked and, more importantly, respected by nearly everyone in the town. Additionally, he runs unopposed each term for his seat in the Alabama legislature. As a brother, he helped put his younger sibling, Jack, through medical school; it is Jack who comes each year at Christmas to visit Atticus and the children, and it is Atticus who Jack seeks out for advice. Although some people do not consider Atticus the perfect father (particularly sister Alexandra), it is obvious that he cares for his children and teaches them by setting the perfect example for them. He allows them more freedom than the average parents, but Jem and Scout rarely forget the advice given to them before making an important decision.