Explain any three principles of behaviorism.

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Behaviorism is a psychological approach that is distinguishable through its emphasis on scientific and objective methods of investigation. Behaviorists are concerned only with behaviors that can be observed through stimulus-response. There are a few key principles of behaviorism that you should keep in mind while studying this psychological approach.

First, behaviorists believe that all behavior is learned from the environment. The approach practically excludes any focus on innate or inherited factors in determining behavior. In real terms, this means that behaviorism focuses on learning. Those who adhere to the approach believe that people are born as a blank slate and learn behaviors through their interactions with broader society.

Second, Behaviorists also believe there are few distinctions to be drawn between learning that takes place in humans and that which takes place in other animals. This means that behaviorist experiments can be carried out on animals, since they don't believe...

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