Identify and explain five different types of discrimination found in matrimonial ads?

Expert Answers
vmoriarity eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One type of discrimination in matrimonial advertising is ageism.  Most brides are in these advertisements are portrayed as young, usually in their twenties.  Secondly, weight is often discriminated against as the advertisers want to show dresses off on slim figures.  Also, matrimonial advertisements discriminate against sexual preference as they show the typical accepted norm - a man and a woman being married.  Additionally, there is clearly a bias against the less attractive.  This can be said of a lot of advertising.  People are more drawn to attractive people, so it is no surprise that pretty actors and actresses portrayed couples in matrimonial advertising.  Finally, matrimonial advertising could be said to discriminate against the poor.  Rarely, if ever, is a ring advertised as a great ring unless it costs as much as a small house.