Explain the title of Anthem and why Ayn Rand chose it.

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Anthem has religious denotations as a choral work or part of a prayer service, although a more prevalent usage of the word finds it in combination with the word national. The national anthem of a country, then, is a celebratory song that elicits pride and loyalty in those who sing it. These two definitions of anthem, as a religious song and a celebratory song, are both appropriate to the novel by Ayn Rand

In the final chapters of Rand's novel, Equality is banished into the wilderness, but Golden One later follows him because she loves him. At first, they cannot express this love since they have no word for it. However, after Equality discovers some books and he begins reading, he is able to articulate some of his feelings. Further, he discovers the word I. Near the end of Chapter 11, he writes,

I am a man. This miracle of me is mine to own and keep, and...

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