Discuss the banning of the song "Beasts of England" in terms of Squealer's explanation as to why the song was no longer needed ?in Animal Farm

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The banning of the song reflects yet another change in terms of how the state of affairs have changed on the farm.  The rationale that Squealer offers is that the song is not needed because it is a remnant of the revolution.  He argues that now that the revolution is over and the animals have clearly won, a new song can be adopted.  Composed by Minimus, the new anthem of the farm is a reminder that no one should "cause harm" to it.  The real reason as to why the song is changed is twofold.  On one hand, the pigs wish to consolidate their power over the animals.  In changing the revolutionary song that all of the animals used to sing to Minimus' new version, the pigs are able to exert another aspect of control over the animals.  Additionally, the new anthem stresses the idea that the animals will not "harm" Animal Farm.  It is important for the pigs to ensure loyalty amongst the animals at all costs, even being reflected in the new songs being sung.  In this light, one sees that the revolution actually ended up making things the same for the animals, exchanging human oppressors for animal ones.  Given the brutality that the animals see in chapter 7 for those who defy the pigs, the singing of the song is another reminder that there are harsh punishments for those who betray the pigs' rule.

Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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