Explain and analyse 'The Superannuated Man' by Charles Lamb.I need the answer urgently in details with explanations.

deeptota | Student

'The superannuated Man' is first of all an autobiographical essay.In this essay the author,Charles lamb is an employer of a shop at Mincing lane.After he has finished his job life of long 36 years he starts to face bewilderment and confusion at first as a prisoner in Bastille when freed from long confinement or as someone blind who is unable to enjoy the dazzling light.so, clearly, from this description we can imagine how the drudgery of his working life damaged his soul and mind to react with any type of pleasure.Not only this but he starts to miss his colleagues and he starts to have a strange feeling as if they were dead.But soon he recovered from his confusion and started to enjoy the life fully by recreating with his friends,reading,wrting etc.And he realized the truth that a contemplated life is better than the life of action.At the end of the essay he also mentioned'opus operatum est' means the work alloted to the author has been completed and now he is waiting for superannuation from his life.Full of pathos with some hints of humour..........


samsir | Student

Lamb gets retired from his 36 years of drudgery in the East India Company. He suddenly feels like a rich man who doesn't know where and how to spend his money. He sometimes feels as if he had left his job long time ago and his co-workers in his office are just dreams. His life suddenly becomes slow as if time has come to a dead end. He gradually loses all distinctions of seasons and days of the week.  But slowly he develops a positive attitude towards his retired life. He enjoys his life by visiting book shops, print shops and walking on the streets of London. Now he believes that working houses make a slave of man . Now he is free to listen to his heart.He states that if he had a son he would have never let him work anywhere.

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