Explain Ameins's song in act 2, scene 5 of As You Like It. What does it talk about exactly?

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The first verse of Amiens' Act II, Scene V song in As You Like It is a description of the pastoral life as lived in Arden forest by Corin and Phebe. In a paraphrase, it says that in the forest (Arden forest) anyone who loves to relax and sing like a bird should come to there because in Arden there are no enemies except for the storms of winter: uncontrollable nature is the only enemy, not humans.

The second verse is sung by Jaques and describes the exiles gathered around Duke Senior, who live off the land and gather their food where they find it and are satisfied with what they gather. The repeat of the refrain emphasizes the safety of Arden. The third verse is also sung by Jaques but is a parodic adlib that claims people who give up the comfort of civilization for the wilderness of the forest are fools, sadly counting himself as one of the "fools": Here shall he see / Gross fools as he, / An if he will come to me.

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