Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the four levels of policing the internet?Make sure to explain the advantages and disadvantages of each level.

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

First level: The individual- Advantages include that he or she are in complete control of the dissemination of information and the gathering of information using online sources. One disadvantage is, however, that it is the individual's own common sense that determines whether the internet will be used ethically or not. If the individual lacks common sense, the Internet will not be policed correctly.

The ISP (provider) is the second level. One advantage is that it has lots of people working for them making sure that there is enough filtering going on to prevent inaproppriate material get in. One disadvantage is that it is not perfect, and viruses, spam, phishing, and other malware that is new could still attack the system.

Internet groups-Watchgroups- Level three. An advantage of these groups are that people volunteer to prevent the filtering of bad or distasteful information online, thus helping children and young adults to avoid seeing material that is not appropriate for their age. A disadvantage is that the group must have a set goal of what they altogether consider good or bad, and they have to stick to their rules.

The final group is the government watchdogs that look after what comes in and out of the net. These groups are great because they are working under a direct order to enforce proper Net use and to prevent the flow of unethical media. However, they too are not perfect. There could be someone infiltrating material and it is obvious from what we have seen happening with logic bombs attacking computers despite of all these watchgroups.