Explain 3 reasons why coral reefs are important?I couldn't find the answer in my science book!!

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Coral reefs are an extremely important and fragile part of our ecosystem.  One reason they are so important is that these reefs provide shelter and food for about 1/4 of sea creatures.  Many creatures can only be found on a reef.  Without these diverse habitats, many small animals and plants would quickly become extinct.  Once the smaller animals die off, the larger ones are left without a food source.  Each animal plays an important role in the life cycle of other animals.  Even the plants in the ocean fill an important role.  The reefs themselves are made up of living organisms.  These corals and other organisms provide a kind of filter for the ocean.  They can even form over sunken vessels and other debris.  Without these reefs, our ecosystem would change beyond recognition.

karantudiya007 | Student

3 reasons are as follows:

1.the coral reef is "biologically diverse" that means there are many different kinds of animals and plants that live theree This is important, because just like the tropical rainforests, Coral reefs may be the source of medicines, chemicals or other resources that haven't even been discovered yet, and unless we save these environments, we'll never get the chance to discover these resources that we need.

2.*Coral reefs are "biologically productive" , which means there are lots of each thing that grows here. Many of the creatures that l live here, like lobsters and fish, we depend on for food, even here in the Midwest , and all around the world!

3.Coral reefs are beautiful places, and provide income from tourists to many otherwise poor countries around the world.

these are mine answers and i hope that it help you!!!

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