State three major points of how stress affects behavior and health.

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Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Stress of the chronic sort does have a potential for affecting your behavior and health, but it is critical to explore possible health problems before writing symptoms off as stress-related. According to Mayo Clinic The three major ways stress can affect your behavior are in eating, drinking and smoking; anger and crying outbursts; and social contact and relationships. The three major ways stress can affect your health are pain, systemic function, and sleep disorders.

Mayo Clinic advises that stress-related pain often targets headache, back pain, and chest pain. Stress-related systemic symptoms can affect heart palpitations and even heart disease, high blood pressure, lowered immunity and stomach problems, while disrupting sleep cycles, most commonly with insomnia and possibly nightmares.

Mayo Clinic advises that stress-related behavior symptoms can affect overeating, drug use, alcoholism, undereating, and increased smoking. Stress-related symptoms can be evident in outbursts of uncontrolled or unreasonable anger and fits of unexplained or atypical crying. Stress can also produce social withdrawal and conflicts in close relationships with family members and loved ones.

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Behavior can be changed by stress. People change and can not control their attitudes. They don't know what to do in time of change .
They can not handle any type of conflict. Stress comes in different levels, from mild to out rages. It can send you into a state of depression . You can handle this by therapy, medication, find help it isnt worth the price you have to pay to try and take care of it by yourself.

Stress not only messes with your mind but with your body. Backaches, headaches , and even to the point of thinking you are having a heart attach. Any health problems you may have will the stress level in your mind make them worse.

 Stress can manifest itself in a variety of emotional, behavioral, and even physical symptoms, and the symptoms of stress vary enormously among different individuals.

Stress can cause a person to become a drug addict ,drinking alcohol thinking this will help awhile . It makes you numb to what is happening to your body. But when the drugs and alcohol wears off you are worse off than before . You have become addicted to other forms of stress, this just adds to the problem.

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Stress can do strange things to your body. It affects your health in ways that your would never believe . Your body wants to sleep all the time because you have no energy, you might feel like you are having a heart attack. Your behavior will change to the point where no one wants to deal with you because you are annoying .You feel your are right all the time because you need the assurance that you can still function. Stress can also make you feel like you are alone in the world and no one understands what you might be going through.

I have been in this situation. I had heart surgery about 5 years ago and I am just now able to deal with the fact this cost me my job as a teacher. I have been to counceling and it does help, so if you are stressed out talk to your doctor and seek help, dont let it ruin your life, it is not worth it.