Expectations assumed while evaluating a 20 min lapsed experiment when introducing dry yeast, warm water and sucrose to flours; corn, rice, and wheat?Possible reactiton of gluten vs. non-gluten

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The introduction of dry yeast, warm water, and sucrose are exactly the main ingredients to induce fermentation, which is a process that converts sugars over to ethanol alcohol.  Such an occurence would happen with wheat, which contains the two substances needed to comprise gluten.  The carbohydrate contained in corn is different in that it does not contain one of the substances, gliadin, and is therefore not a true gluten.  All three substances will serve as willing participants in the fermentation process.  Corn will readily produce a form of ethanol commonly known as corn liquor, while rice will form a type of wine called saki.  Wheat will produce a dough suitable for baking, giving off ethanol and carbon dioxide gas in the process, which can be seen in the texture of the bread, where all the little holes are.