Explaine the component parts you might find in a typical system. In your answer explain what is meant by an open and a closed system.

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ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In dealing with a computer system the components would be considered anything connected with that system from the hard drive, security, software, operators, and network.  In layman’s terms, a system that receives inputs and turns around and outputs information or matter into our world is an open system.   If the system is restricted from putting out information or matter then it is a closed system.  However, in the computer world an open system is a setting where access to the “system” is not controlled by the same people who are in-putting the content of the records included on the system.  A closed system is the opposite; a setting in which the control is by the person who is totally responsible for putting the content of the records on the system.  Many of the Computer Systems for the US Government are on closed systems.

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