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Expain one simile in the poem "Time" by Allen Curnow in full details. "time" by Allen Curnow

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The entirety of the poem demonstrates great attention to the idea of metaphor, so it is difficult to locate the lone simile. It lies within these lines:

I, Time, am all these, yet these exist
Among my mountainous fabrics like a mist,
So do they the measurable world resist.

Generally, the expectation with a simile is that one item is being compared to another and the purpose for the reader is to have received a comparison that relates to something they already know. Here, we see a mist which permeates through mountain ranges at a certain level and slowly creeps this way and that. It has to be compared to something though to make the simile complete. I believe it is being compared to the pronoun "these". These would reference all the qualities of time listed previously in the poem. So these qualities of Time descend and penetrate hovering over the world.

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