"The executive of the modern state is but a committee for managing the common affairs of the whole bourgeoisie"is this generally true?Karl Marx's statement from "The Communist Manifesto"

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I cetainly hope not, but there have been some cases where this is true. First of all, we have had presidents that catered only to the wealthy, and it is quite common in other cultures. There are a lot of corrupt governments where the wealthy can pay off the head of state and make sure he does whatever they want. Fortunately, we are not thar far gone.
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I can but echo some of the excellent comments made in #2. Certainly, I would disagree that the existence of government is for the sole purpose of looking after the interests of the middle classes. I would, however, agree that this is a legitimate view that could be argued, and that certainly history has shown that governments care a lot more about the interests of the middle class than they do about the working class. However, I hope that we are moving away from this and towards a form of government that is more representative for every class in society.

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