The Hate U Give

by Angie Thomas

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Excluding Starr Carter in The Hate U Give, how did the other characters grow and change like Starr in the novel?

Maverick, Chris, and DeVante all had to grow and change in The Hate U Give. Each had to learn to accept the circumstances that he was in and figure out how to navigate them. Maverick and DeVante especially had to figure out how to protect those that they love.

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Maverick, Starr's father, changes when he accepts that his daughter has a white boyfriend. He first reacts to the news with alarm; he doesn't understand why his daughter is seeing a white boy. However, his wife talks to him and Maverick makes the attempt to get to know Chris as a person. Maverick also changes his beliefs about where his family should live. His wife has tried to convince him for a long time to move out of Garden Heights; he wanted to stay. When Starr is threatened, however, he recognizes that it truly isn't safe for his family and agrees to go.

Chris, Starr's boyfriend, has to learn about microaggressions and about Starr's life in Garden Heights. She kept a lot of information from him in the past because she didn't think he would like her as much or understand where she comes from. When she opens up to him, he accepts her and listens. However, he has to learn about what she goes through as a black person and how he is removed from those problems.

DeVante already wants to get his family out of Garden Heights; after what happens to his brother, it's even more imperative. When he betrays the leader of his gang, he knows that the cost could be his life. He wants to get out but isn't sure how to do it. Ultimately—after he's almost beaten to death—he decides to work with the justice system to defeat King. The system is the same one that freed the officer who shot his younger brother for no reason. Being able to put his trust in it is a difficult step for him, but one that helps move him away from being in the gang or killed by them.

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