What are examples of coming of age as a theme in Treasure Island? Hi, I have chosen to write about Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson for my assignment, and for this I am required to chose a theme from the text. I have done some research and decided that a theme I may use is honor, in the sense that although the pirates may kill and steal, they still have a code of honor that they follow or they lose respect. Also, I am considering coming of age as a theme, specifically in the case of Jim Hawkins. Can anyone give me some further details of how (either of) these themes are potrayed in the book? References to specific quotes and examples would be much appreciated also. Many thanks.

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The concepts of duty and honor guide the characters' choices throughout Treasure Island.

It is important to fully define those terms before applying them to the novel. Duty is the action and conduct due to yourself or another person. Having honor and fulfilling your duty is a choice. To better understand that choice, you must also understand the concept of obligation; it is the action of constraining oneself by oath, promise, or contract to a particular course of action. To enter into an obligation is also a choice, and it is the fulfilment of natural law: do all that you have agreed to do. Duty is mentioned by every major character in Treasure Island and is clearly an integral part of a pirate’s life.

For example, at Tom’s passing, the captain says, “No fear for a hand that’s been shot down in his duty to captain and owner.” As a member of the crew, Tom makes an agreement to both the captain and to the ship’s owner, Trelawny. When Tom dies, he is fulfilling his part of that...

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