What are some examples of social interactions, norms, social organizations, and job expectations that contribute to the inequalities mong men and women and their roles in society

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There are many such factors that help cause inequalities between men and women.  Many of them cannot really be put into one or the other of these categories.

For example, one of the major factors that cause inequality is the fact that men and women tend to go into different jobs.  Men tend to gravitate towards more high-powered jobs such as working in corporate law offices or as surgeons while women, even with similar training, will work as family lawyers or pediatricians.  These differences are partly due to job expectations, but they are also partly due to norms such as the idea that men are to be competitive and aggressive while women are to be more passive and nurturing.

Another difference is in what is expected of men and women in their family lives.  While our ideas about sex roles have changed to some degree, it is still much more common to expect the woman in a relationship to do most of the housework and the child care.  This helps to make it harder for women to have the kinds of jobs that really get them to the top of the power ladder.  They are less able to put in the kinds of hours that get them promoted in the big companies, for example.  This can be seen as a norm, but it can also be seen as an expectation about how our social organizations (in this case, the family) will be structured.

In general, the major causes of inequality seem to be the expectations about the respective roles that men and women should play in our society.

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