Give examples of production and consumption habits humans have that are related to material resources.

Expert Answers
brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Americans consume more resources, per capita, than any other nation on Earth.  A significant part of the US economy is devoted to the production of energy and consumer goods, while an average American uses some of those resources on a daily basis.

Energy is one such resource.  Tens of thousands of jobs are involved in producing electricity at dams, nuclear reactors and coal-fired generators, and every American home consumes it, as does American industry and business.

Oil and gasoline are other forms of energy we spend a lot of time and effort to produce or acquire, and consume on a massive scale each day.

The other most obvious resource is food production and consumption.  All over the world, nearly every nation has to devote land and labor to produce food, and every nation consumes it, every day.