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What are some examples of media discriminating against a certain race?

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It is hard to cite instances that we can know for sure are examples of media discrimination against people of a given race.  Often, people of a given race will feel that they are being discriminated against when others do not think they are.  This is something that is hard to identify in an objective way.

Furthermore, in today’s mass media, there are few instances of obvious discrimination.  Reputable media outlets do not use racial slurs when referring to members of minority groups.  They do not refuse to quote members of minority groups.  Thus, it is hard to note obvious examples of discrimination.

However, there are instances that are (at least arguably) examples of racial discrimination.  For example, it could be that TV news outlets are more likely to show pictures of criminals if they are African American (therefore fitting stereotypes of African Americans as criminals).  Newscasters are mostly whites, with few non-whites showing discrimination against minorities in hiring trends.  We can also argue that movies and TV shows are types of media that engage in discrimination.  It is very rare to see shows that are centered around characters of color.  Actors of color often spend most of their time playing roles of criminals.

Thus, it is hard to say that there is clear discrimination in the media, but there are some examples that might be evidence of racial discrimination. 

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