What are examples of images in the poem "A Blessing" by James Wright?

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beateach eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Imagery in literature, especially in poetry, plays to our senses; it is what makes us see, hear, taste, feel, or smell something through words and prose. In "A Blessing” by James Wright there are a number of good examples of imagery. He creates images of the evening arriving as he says "the twilight bounds." The horses are happy as they "ripple tensely”; the narrator and his friend can feel their happiness. A beautiful image is formed when the author says, "They bow shyly as wet swans. They love each other." When swans bow to each other their necks form the shape of a heart, which the author wants you to see as he describes the position of the horses. He says that they "munch the young tufts of spring in the darkness" and this gives the reader an image to determine the season and to feel the passage of time from twilight to darkness. "The light breeze has moved over me to caress her long ear that is as delicate as a young girl's wrist." This beautiful imagery describes how the wind is blowing as gentle as a kiss and likens it to one of the softest pieces of skin on a child. In addition, the final image of the narrator stepping out of his skin into a blossom paints a picture of just how happy the narrator is at that moment that he would turn into a flower because he is so delighted.

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