What are examples of images in the poem "A Blessing" by James Wright?

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Wright’s poem is about the emotional connection the poet feels with the horses. The imagery of the poem works to create a singular moment in which he can feel this emotional connection. As is characteristic of Wright, the imagery dwells on the concrete and specific—the scene is “on the highway to Rochester, Minnesota”; the time of day is twilight; he has to step over the barbed wire to get to the ponies, who are grazing among some willows; the horses come to greet him, their coats “rippling with excitement.” All of these images serve to create a very specific moment in time. 

At the same time, the images also suggest that this is a fleeting, magical moment. The twilight “bounds softly” over the grass; soon it will be dark. It becomes clear that this meeting with the ponies is more than just a chance to see some animals. Their necks bow “like wet swans,” as they come to meet their visitors, and their eyes “darken with kindness.” Suddenly, the reader is confronted...

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