What are some examples of idioms in literature?

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An idiom is a figure of speech or expression that is a phrase made up of words that have a different figurative meaning than the literal meaning of the phrase. An idiom is also specific to the language it is used in, so an idiom in English would not translate to an idiom in Spanish, for example.

Here are ten examples of idioms and their definitions:

1. bite the bullet - deciding to do something difficult

2. beat around the bush - to avoid talking about something

3. speak of the devil - refers to a person that was just being spoken about

4. under the weather - feeling sick

5. let's get the show on the road - putting a plan into action or leaving to go someplace

6. cut to the chase - get to the point

7. go bananas - act crazy

8. tongue-tied - not being able to find the words to say something out of embarrassment

9. rags to riches - starting out poor and then becoming rich

10. to give someone the cold shoulder - treating someone in an unfriendly manner

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