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What are examples of figurative language in Edgar Lee Masters' Spoon River Anthology

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In Edgar Lee's Masters' Spoon River Anthology, the author uses a variety of literary devices.

In "Hod Putt," the author lets Putt tell his story as it relates to Bill Piersol, the man buried next to him. Over the long years, Hod had been driven down by excessively hard work and poverty while watching Piersol become rich trading with the Indians, and then using the Bankruptcy Law to become richer still. Hod becomes so angry that he...

...Robbed a traveler one Night near Proctor's Grove,

Killing him unwittingly while doing so,

For which I was tried and hanged.

That was my way of going into bankruptcy.

"Bankruptcy" is a metaphor for death, providing a completely difference spin on the use of the word as it had originally pertained financially to Piersol's growing economic success. Masters also uses irony to describe how Bill...

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