Examples of deception in 1984?...deception relating to the party's thirst for total power

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Jessica Pope eNotes educator| Certified Educator
The main deception, which runs throughout the book, is the deception of the Brotherhood itself. Big Brother set up the Brotherhood as a way of catching all would-be rebels before they have a chance to get together and rebel. The reason this deception hits the reader so hard is because we want to believe that even in oppressive, dystopian societies there is a chance for collective resistance. In creating the Brotherhood, Big Brother protects "himself" completely against the possibility of collective resistance. Any resisting must be done at the individual level. We see through Winston that such individual resistance is bound to fail. Another running deception has to do with language. People in Winston's society are taught that their simplified language makes it easier to speak the truth. While the language may be more efficient, it offers little in the way of creative or analytical resources. In fact, the language limits their ability to think independently or to question authority.