What are examples of bullying in Hoot?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The concept of bullying plays a major role in Hiaasen's story.  The fact that the opening of the story involves Roy being bullied by Dana and his people helps to establish the opening of the story.  Roy is an outsider, someone new and from another part of the country, and these differences are used by Dana to torment Roy.  Another initial example of bullying would be Beatrice's warning of physical violence against Roy if he does not cease with his curiosity.  The fact that Mullet Finger's relationship with his mother is also predicated with difficulty can be seen as another example of bullying, with this time the intimidation exerted by mother to child.  There can also be a theme of human beings bullying nature in that the growth of economic progress often leads to violations of the natural world and the habitats of other animals and organisms that live there.  It is here where a social theme of bullying is evident, in the form of environmental awareness of the students against the restaurant.

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