What are examples of behavior in an organization that supervisors reward but may be detrimental to others or the organization?

Expert Answers
jmjcica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I am assuming you mean ethical and unethical behavior?  I worked in business for 10 years and did notice some things I did not agree with.  For one, business is cut throat.  We reward (in most industries) this system by trying to beat out the other guy.  We might not have the best product but we will certainly meet the budget.  A manager would reward his employee for undercutting the other guy.  The discrepancies with this system internally can include sales figures.  Salesmen are so pressured to meet quotas that they are constanly compared to each other.  A manager might reward one salesman for meeting or exceeding his goal.  This can become frustrating to another salesman if he has not met his.  Another thing I noticed is that supervisors tend to favor some employees over others because they may have more things in common.  So, he or she might invite one employee to the house but not the others.  This employee becomes the favorite and may be disliked or held in disregard by the remaining team members.  The point is, a good supervisor will treat employees as a team and less as individuals.