Which characters in The Crucible  were examples of individuals that stuck with their morals and went against the community?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the best examples of a character from Miller's work who stuck with morals and convictions and bucked the social conformity that was driving Salem would be Giles Corey.  Miller depicts Corey as a voice of dissent throughout the narrative.  He constantly voices his own opinion as opposed to acquiescing to what Salem society demands. The best example of this would be his unwilligness to name his informant, recognizing that divulging that information would put the informant at risk.  His death represents the strength of individual convictions in the face of community based oppression.

Rebecca Nurse might be another example of someone who stayed true to her convictions and went against the community.  From the start of the drama, she repels the ideat that there is witchcraft in the community.  Rather, she claims that it is an example of kids and adolescents simply being kids and adolescents.  She never surrender this point of view. Her sadness when she realizes that Proctor has confessed is a note of shame on him, something he feels and recognizes in her own truth to her convictions.  The look of abject embarassment and shame in his condition at this point reflects that she remained true to her morals and went against the community, paying the ultimate price for it.

John Proctor's strength of character at the end of the drama is an example of an individual who sticks with the commitment behind his "name" and does not give in to what the community wishes.  Proctor does for an instant give in.  He is able to give a confession in order to live.  Yet, he recognizes that there is an inherent danger in this.  Thus, he rejects it in the name of his "name."  The fact that he sticks with his commitment in the face of certain death represents how he goes against the community in the idea that he must represent that which is true and honest in a world that does not.