What are examples of ways people could practice conversation and recycling?

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There are several things people can do to practice conservation and recycling.  Some ideas that would help in conserving resources include lowering the thermostat in the winter so you use less natural gas or electricity to heat your house. In the summer, the thermostat could be raised to cut down on the use of air conditioning since air conditioning requires a large amount of electricity.  People could ride their bike or walk to places that are nearby. When driving, people can consolidate errands so they can be done in one trip instead of many trips. People could also drive slower. Slower driving uses less gasoline. People can turn down the temperature on their water heater so less energy is used.  People can buy energy efficient appliances and cars to conserve resources.  People can turn off the water when shaving or brushing their teeth to save on water usage. Using bottles and plastics that can be recycled also will help to conserve resources.  There are many things people can do to conserve resources.

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