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Please explain one specific example of social injustice during Apartheid in South Africa.

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Apartheid was a system of segregation placed into law that occurred in South Africa between the dates of 1948–1994. Many injustices were committed against the South African black population, which included people of other races as well, by the white governing body. Interestingly enough, the whites comprised the minority of the South African population.

One of the gravest injustices perpetrated by the whites was seizing land belonging to the black South Africans and selling it to the whites for a fraction of its value. In that way, the white population ended up owning 80% of the land. Black South Africans were not allowed to protest this practice. Protests would result in whipping, fines, and imprisonment.

As well, it was illegal for non-whites to marry or have sexual relations with whites. Separate facilities existed for whites and non-whites. Schools were segregated with non-whites receiving an inferior education. Even water fountains and benches were restricted, being labeled for either white or non-white. Unfortunately, many of these same practices of segregation also took place in the United States.

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There were many examples of social injustice during Apartheid in South Africa.  One example is the Population Registration Act of 1950.  This divided the people of South Africa into four classes.  These classes were white, mixed, colored, and Asian.  As a result of this law, families were often separated.  In addition, people who weren't in the white class often couldn't get land nor could they freely move around without documentation in the white areas. Some of these people were forced to move from their and received very little money for the homes they were forced to sell. Many of these people ended living in poverty because of this policy. Additionally, there were segregated facilities to keep the races apart. There were many injustices during the Apartheid Era in South Africa. The class into which a person was placed had a huge impact on their life and their future.

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