What are examples of flashback and foreshadowing in The Giver?

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I can think of a few examples of flashback.  I can't give you page numbers because I don't have my copy of the book here with me, but here are the general scenarios:

- The introduction of "precision of language" towards the beginning of the book includes a flashback to the time when Asher was a toddler and he mixed up the words "snack" and "smack."

- When Jonas is on the road, and he is starting to feel the effects of starvation, he remembers the time when he was scolded for using the word "starving" when he really meant to say "hungry." 

You could say that the foreshadowing occurs every time someone talks about release.  It should raise questions about the process when no one seems to know what happens in the actual releasing room.  Another example of foreshadowing could be the inclusion of the "no applying for release" rule on Jonas's instructions for his job.  Also, the fact that he is permitted to lie; this foreshadows the idea that other characters have been lying all along, when he is raised to believe no one lies.  Then later, we find out that his father has lied to him about release.