In regards to the book Certain Trumpets, what are some example of elelments of effective leadership that are common across different historical periods?

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While I think one could identify many elements, let me pick four from a book Think Like Jesus: Lead Like Moses: Leadership Lessons from the Wilderness Crucible:

Principle 3: Attract lieutenants in whom you can place your trust, and then trust them to accomplish the vision.

Principle 4: Champion your followers – even at your own expense.

Principle 5: Share authority through delegation in order to ensure the success of the people you lead.

Principle 6: Affirm your followers’ self-worth and remind them that God cherishes them.

If you go to you'll see that the author has selected scenes from 4 movies to illustrate these 4 elements of leadership. To illustrate principle #3, he selected the 1961 version of the movie, Spartacus.  To illustrate principle 4, he selected the movie Star Trek: Generations.   To illustrate principle 5, he selected the movie, Armageddon.  And, to illustrate principle 6, he chose Braveheart.  

Four different leadership elements, illustrated with scenes from four different movies set in the ancient past, the middle ages, a fictional present, and a fictional future.  I believe these are timeless qualities of leadership that anyone would agree have stood the test of time.



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