example of an conjectureexample of an conjecture?

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A conjecture is basically a guess, supported by facts. It can also be a hypothesis. Conjectures are investigated, or they remain simply conjectures. You may have an idea, but until you prove it then you still only have a conjecture, not a fact.
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This depends on what field of study you are talking about.

The scientific philosopher Karl Popper has defined the term "conjecture" as a hypothesis that seems to be true but which has not yet been proven.  He says that the creation of conjectures is the basis of science.  A person comes up with a theory or a conjecture and then tries to falsify or prove it.

In this case, then, any scientific theory that is falsifiable but has not been proven true or false is a conjecture.  For example, the argument that a rise in global temperature will create more and stronger hurricanes is a conjecture because it can be falsified but has not yet been proven one way or the other.

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Examples of conjectures:

1) The lengths of the opposite sides of a parallelogram are equal.

2) the adjacent angles of a parallelogram are supplementary:

A+D=B+C=180 degrees

3) The sum of all angles of a triangle is 180 degrees.

A+B+C=180 degrees

4) The adjacent base angles of an isosceles triangle are congruent.