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Solute is a substance that is homogeneously mixed with another substance called as solvent to produce a solution. Solutes can be solids, liquids or gases. Here are examples of some solutes and the commonly used solvent:

  1. Oxygen in water: dissolved oxygen or DO is responsible for aquatic life.
  2. Oxygen in air: is responsible for our survival.
  3. Oxygen in blood: is how the oxygen travels through our bodies.
  4. Sugar in Water: 
  5. Salt in water: could be any salt, the most common example is sodium chloride or common salt.
  6. Ethanol in water: is what makes the alcoholic beverages.
  7. Carbon in iron: is what makes steel.
  8. Silver in gold: to make lower quality gold (22 karat or less, pure gold is 24 karat) that can be used to make ornaments.
  9. Nutrients in water: is how the plant obtains nutrients in different parts.
  10. Metals in gold: gives us colored gold. Ni/Mn/Pd gives white gold, Cu gives rose red gold, etc.

Alloys are also good examples of solutes. 

Hope this helps.

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