Examining source help please? Thank you very much! Analyze and interpret the following source. Explain the ideological perspective reflected in the source. Discuss the principles of nationalism and explain any keys terms or concepts used in the source. " Nationalism, reflecting the urge of self- determination, concerns the aspirations of a people, who believe themselves to be united, yo rule themselves and not be controlled by others. The kindred ideas of nationalism both act as forces for convergence or divergence."

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This source seems to be relatively sympathetic to the ideas of nationalism, although it is not completely sympathetic to those ideas.

I say that it is sympathetic (meaning that it is ideologically okay with the idea of nationalism) because of the way it describes nationalism.  It portrays nationalism as a desire not to be dominated by others.  This makes nationalism seem quite reasonable.  It does not make nationalism look like the aggressive force that it can, arguably, be (like how it helped make the Nazis aggressive).

The reason I say this source is not completely sympathetic is the last sentence.  It implies that nationalism can pull people apart as well as bring them together.

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