Examining source help please? Thank you very much! Analyze and interpret the following source. Explain the ideological perspective reflected in the source. Discuss the principles of nationalism and explain any keys terms or concepts used in the source. " In a photograph, a Hindu woman carries a Quebec flag as she marches in a Canada Day parade in Montreal."

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There is no way to know about the ideological perspective of the photographer or of the outlet in which the picture was shown, but we can at least guess as to the ideological perspective of the woman in question.

The woman in the photograph must surely reject the idea of nationalism.  She is showing this by two things.  First, she is participating in a Canada Day parade.  This shows that she feels an affinity for a country that is clearly not based on her "nationality" or ethnicity.  This means she is not nationalistic (or at least that she does not think you have to be the same ethnicity as the majority of people in your "nation").

By carrying a Quebec flag, she is showing more or less the same thing.  She is saying that she is Quebecois even though she is not of French heritage.

Overall, she is showing pride in her province and her country even though her ethnicity is not the dominant one in either province or country.

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