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Examining source help please? Thank you very much! Analyze and interpret the following source. Explain the ideological perspective reflected in the source. Discuss the principles of nationalism and explain any key terms or concepts used in the source.  

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The document appears to be a poster from the World War I era encouraging Canadians to enlist in the army. 

In order to inspire potential soldiers to heroism, the poster mentions the battles of Langemarke, St. Julien, Festubert, and Givenchy.  The poster refers to these battles as "new names in Canadian history," and asks "Will you be there?" when more history is made in new battles.

The poster expresses an attitude that it is glorious to participate in battle and even to die for one's country.  It is interesting to note that the poster makes no mention of any reason why it might be important to join the Canadian armed forces.  Rather, it seems to hint that a "good" Canadian would naturally want to join the army regardless of the circumstances that led to hostilities. 

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