Examining source help please? Thank you very much!

Analyze and Interpret the following source as one taken together and explain the ideological perspective reflected in the source. Discuss the principles of nationalism and explain any keys terms or concepts used in the source. The source have to do with Stalin propaganda and Ukrainian genocide



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The first source is an example of Communist propaganda that is extolling the virtue of agrarian life and the belief that farmers who are loyal to the government represent the best of a Soviet citizen.  The "heroic shot" of the woman carrying the bales of hay as the center of the picture helps to solidify the Soviet government's desire to have farmers represent the essence of the public.  The farmer is easy to control, to a certain extent, because of the nature of distance from others and the fact that agrarian conditions help to focus one's energies solely on that.  The other actors around the woman are minor, also farmers, and the praise of this lifestyle would inevitably strengthen the government's control over its citizens, and prevent the questioning of the actions that are present in the second source, where death and the results of government extermination are conveyed. through background and foreground action.

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