Examining poster help please? Thank you very much! Analyze and Interpret the following source. Explain the ideological perspective reflected in the source. Discuss the principles of nationalism and explain any keys terms or concepts used in the source. http://z.about.com/d/canadaonline/1/0/K/1/ww1newnameshistory.jpg

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The presence of nationalism is quite a strong one in the poster.  The idea of being able to cast individual actions in light of the overall state and linking to how an individual will act in connection to the idea of national identity is a powerful one in the poster.  The question of "Will you be there?" in the issue of national enlistment helps to connect individual people to the advancement of the state, and in this light the nationalism is quite present in stressing that one cannot divorce themselves from the glory and power of the state.  At the same time, I would suggest that the presence of the flag as well as the soldier pointing the flag in the background are also nationalistic elements.  The names on the flag, I interpret, to be the names of people that have enlisted or (possibly) have died in the name of the nation and there is a certain glory attached to this.  The ideology of nationalism is quite present in this particular source.

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