Examine the differences and similarities between the short story "All Summer in a Day" and the short film adaptation.

Some similarities between the "All Summer in a Day" short story and film adaptation include the bleak setting and the mistreatment of Margot by the other children. Some differences include the character growth of William and conflict resolution that takes place in the film adaptation, but not in the original story. 

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While the movie version targets a satisfying ending for the viewer, the short story doesn't quite have the same effect. As with any piece of literature that has been made into a film, there is an overarching common element: What would the viewer prefer? Directors cater to a happy ending whereas authors take more risks with audience approval. This is the case in the short story.

Bradbury prompts the reader to reflect on the injustice of the short story, but the movie closes with a sense that justice has been served. The viewer may accept the pained expressions of the children as penalty, but Bradbury's tone suggests otherwise.

At the end of the short story, there is no semblance of a funeral procession as portrayed in the film. When the children realize that Margot has missed out on seeing the sun, their facial expressions are truly remorseful, and they proceed one-by-one to give her flowers. The symbol is not missed; it is a formal apology to pay respect for Margot's loss the death of...

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