Examine the competing characterizations between Nikhil and Sandip in The Home and The World.

The competing characterizations of Nikhil and Sandip in The Home and the World relate to their respective roles as representatives of humanism and militant Indian nationalism. Whereas Nikhil is presented as being passive and mature, Sandip is depicted as aggressive and somewhat fanatical.

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In a way, Nikhil and Sandip might not be as dissimilar your question suggests. Of course, there are marked differences, yet their political debates and the fact that Sandip stays in Nikhil’s house hints that the two characters have quite a bit in common.

One characteristic that joins the two together is feminism. It might seem misplaced to talk about feminism in the context of two cis male characters from an early 1900s novel, yet both Nikhil and Sandip seem to have a rather empowering view of Bimala.

Remember, as Sandip tries to persuade Bimala to join the political movement against England, Nikhil doesn’t try to stop her from doing what she wants. Although Bimala and Nikhil are married, it doesn’t seem like Nikhil feels like he has a right to control her or tell her what to do. She’s allowed to make her own choices.

Additionally, you could argue Sandip has a feminist outlook since he’s so adamant about including Bimala in his revolutionary politics. He doesn’t try to...

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