In what ways can "Jane Eyre" be considered a Gothic novel?

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

"Jane Eyre" shares many of the common characteristics of the gothic novel as exemplified by writers such as Anne Radcliffe. The heroine is portrayed as a orphan, who tries (and ofyten fails) to find rational exdplantions for the mysterious events surrounding her and tries (often failing) to remain strong, resolute, and moral in face of dangers and temptations.

The setting of Rochester's estate is like the isolated castles and abbeys of the gothic, in which the heroine is removed from the safety net of ordoinary society. She is surrounded by mystery and danger that appear supernatural (but are usually proven the outcome of human evil).

The plot resolution depends on a deus ex machina, often in the form or a revelation of identity or inheritance, in which the poor orphgan is shown rich and/or noble.